Bringing the Game Back to the community

Eliminating all the boundaries that have ever existed in the Poker Industry.

Bringing the Game Back to the community

Eliminating all the boundaries that have ever existed in the Poker Industry.


Why Zolo Poker?

Using Blockchain as the building block for our next generation tech gives us the confidence to promise the poker industry the most secure gaming platform this world has ever witnessed.

Bringing fair and balanced games with the power of blockchain and giving the users ultimate control over their experience.


See what the future will look like for Zolo Poker

Zolo Features

The Zolo Protocol maintains the fairness and integrity of the Game.

Decentralized Gameplay

Unlike other poker platforms, Zolo provides a fully transparent and decentralised gameplay experience to the players

Transparent RNG

With the use of our decentralised Random Number Generator, we are setting the records straight when it comes to a fair gameplay

Eliminating Frauds

Since the data is not stored on a single server and no one can access the details of the game, therefore there’s no risk to any kind of internal or external fraud

Full Transparency

The gameplay is controlled by the players and so are their funds. No third party interference

Lowest Fees in the industry

With the use of Blockchain and by cutting the ties with third party wallets, we are able to offer the lowest fee there ever could be in the industry

Decentralized Network

Based on a 'grid model' a peer-to-peer system, or P2P system, is a collection of applications run on several computers, which connect remotely to each other to complete a function or a task.

Meet Our Team

The Zolo Team combines a passion for poker, industry experise & proven record in finance, development & marketing.

Karan Dembla - CEO | Zolo Poker
Karan Dembla
Yash Baheti - CTO | Zolo Poker
Yash Baheti
Manpreet Singh - Lead Developer | Zolo Poker
Manpreet Singh
Lead Developer
Deven Raj Kakkar - Community Head | Zolo Poker
Deven Raj Kakkar
Community Head
Aishvarya Singh - Marketing Head | Zolo Poker
Aishvarya Singh
Marketing Head
Anurag Gulati - Peoples Head | Zolo Poker
Anurag Gulati
Peoples Head
Raveesha Gupta - Legal Head | Zolo Poker
Raveesha Gupta
Legal Head
Bhagyalaxmi Basotia - Legal Researcher | Zolo Poker
Bhagyalaxmi Basotia
Legal Researcher

Our Advisors

Dharamveer Singh Chouhan - Advisor | Zolo Poker
Dharamveer Singh Chouhan

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